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Häufig gestellte Fragen zur Reservierung

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What documents do I have to supply?

For every reservation, every trekker must supply his/her full name, date of birth and nationality. If the trekker wants a discount for being a student or a child under 16 years old, during the reservation we don't ask for a written proof. However, the trekker commits him/herself to show the day of the Trek the original written proof (ISIC card or passport). Also, since we know that some people want to reserve without having their passport yet, we don't ask the passport number when making the reservation; but the trekker must give us the passport number any time after, even the day of the Trek.

What guarantees do I have?

Buying or booking on the Internet causes distrust to some people and we are aware. That is why we make an effort to clarify as much as possible our prices, conditions, availability, etc. In a word, everything you are entitled to expect. Our position in the market for many years and your feedback are our best advertisement. Our Agency in Cuzco is open to the public and we will give you any further information you might need. Furthermore, our online payment is made through a secure website (which guarantees the confidentiality of your information) and a digital certificate (which guarantees that we really are who we pretend to be).

How is the transaction carried out?

Once you enter your card information, your card is verified through a complex procedure (valid card, not stolen, with enough credit balance, etc.). This procedure is made by your credit card's bank. Only they are able to validate the transaction. Our server sends this information encrypted to a payment gateway and then they tell us if the card is accepted or not.

Why are your prices so low?

We do not offer anything less than our competitors. On the contrary, all our prices are all included and we won't ask for any extra charge or fee after your payment is made, not before, during or after the Trek. Tips for guides and/or porters are optional to your convenience (their wage is included in the total price). Why do we have such low prices? The formula is simple and we haven't created it, our prices are based on volume of sales. We sell a lot, so we lower our prices.

Is the information I provide transmitted / confidential?

Our online payment system is secure and all transactions are encrypted. Information regarding your payment (card number, etc) is only used during the transaction and they are not kept on our servers. If the payment is accepted, we won't need that information any more. Other information, such as your name, passport number, etc, is used to book entrance and train tickets for the return. The personal information is stored encrypted in our servers until the end of the Trek and then permanently deleted. Except the essential information provided to Peruvian authorities, we do not give up or sell this information. You will never receive any advertising, special offer or proposal from us.

When can I book?

At any time, until 48 hours prior to the departure day you want.

Once my reservation has been made, can I change the date?

Yes, without fees and in a simple way until 48 hours prior to the day of the Trek; but, for internal organization reasons, it is better to choose definitive dates when making the reservation.

I am a student, is there a discount?

We offer indeed a discount for students but they must have the international student card (ISIC), valid on the date of the Trek. Any other proof, such as a simple written or verbal statement, a national student card or a university card, is not accepted by our Agency or by Peruvian authorities. Besides, the same ISIC card has to be shown to government agents on your arrival at the entrance of Machu Picchu. To summarize, this discount only applies to students having an ISIC student card and not to all students in general.

What happens after I book?

The online reservation is very fast and the payment acceptance only takes few seconds. Once we receive your reservation request, we send you a confirmation email; you can then see any time the details of your reservation through the page Customer service.

We are a small group, do we have any discount?

It depends. We offer two types of Trek, in group and in private. If you choose to do the Trek in group, there are no discounts because the Trek is already done in small groups. However, if you choose to do the Trek in private, you will see on the page Comparative & prices that the price per person depends on the number of persons participating in the Trek. The more you are, more discounts you will have.

We are a Travel Agency, do you offer special conditions?

We have indeed special prices for Travel Agencies; we invite you to contact us directly.

Other Agencies also offer the Trek. What are the differences with you?

Supposing these agencies are specialized, many of them do not have enough volume of sales to gather up a group of trekkers. Often, an agency that only has few people for a given date can't organize the Trek alone for profitability reasons. So, it searches (or makes an association with) other agencies in order to gather up a group and make the excursion profitable. Our volume of sales allows us to fully organize the excursion. This also permits us to offer a quality and guaranteed service at competitive prices.

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